Lancaster County Rifle Kit


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ORDER# CLCR-001 (Please indicate your choice of patch box when ordering this kit)

John Edward Clark and York County Gunworks are proud to introduce the new Lancaster County Rifle Kit.

The kit comes with a fully profiled and 95% inlet AAA Curly Maple stock left a little oversize for final shaping and carving to suit your tastes, with the barrel already installed. and pinned with temporary wood pins so the fore end can be final shaped and moulded without damaging your tools. The Clark Lock comes fully assembled and hardened and tested to give maximum performance.

We have selected the finest hardware from Tedd Cash, John Bivins and Muzzleloader Builders Supply.

We believe this to be the finest and most accurate of Lancaster County Rifle kits, and have selected the best of all the hardware items to ensure the highest possible quality. Our stocks are machined in house on a precision Italian made six spindle pantograph to ensure the highest quality, precision, and accuracy.


Stock: AAA Curly Sugar Maple fully inlet and profiled with barrel installed, ramrod groove and hole drilled.

Barrel: Colerain lightweight 44 inch Dickert swamped 54 calibre with ampco touchole installed. Twist one turn in 70 inches. Insert right after 54 calibre. Sight dovetails can be cut if so desired $35.00 US.

Lock: Clark Flint fully assembled and hardened. Available with steel or bronze lock plate.

Hardware:  John Bivins Butt Plate and Trigger Guard, Tedd Cash nose cap, ramrod pipes,and front sight, Reeves Goehring side plate, Muzzleloader Builders supply patchboxes and trigger assembly, International arms rear sight. Tip and Jag, York County Gun Works. All screws and pins are included. The patchboxes do not come engraved but there is a pattern for engraving supplied. A push button release for the patchbox lid is also included.

Ramrod: Hickory, 3/8 in. dia.


A full size measured drawing and a series of articles written for Rendezvous and Longrifles Magazine in the 1980’s are also included.

Full set of hardware

John Noll
Order# PB-001

H. Lechler Lancaster County
Order# PB-002

Jacob Dickert
Order# PB-003

Jacob Dickert with Domed Lid
Order# PB-004

With Flat Lid
Order# PB-006

Leonard Reedy
Order# PB-005

Clark Lock

Nose Cap

Jacob Dickert Side Plate

Deluxe Octagon Ramrod Pipes

Screws & Pins

Butt Plate

Trigger Guard & Trigger Assembly

Rear Sight

Front Sight

Patchbox Release Button Assembly

Optional Parts

Optional Parts SS-001: $23.50 each

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